Secure & Reliable

ClearBlox is a Cardano Stake Pool,

Helping further decentralize the network, while helping you earn passive income on your ₳da.


Stake with ClearBlox..

We hope you will consider staking with us . The main motivation behind ClearBlox (CBS) is to help further decentralize the Cardano network and provide as much value as we can to the Cardano ecosystem as well as our delegators. And not only through rewards! If you need help with staking your ADA, you are a current ClearBlox delegator, or have and questions in general, please reach out using through our Telegram, Twitter or email. We believe the world should be decentralized and hope you will join us in making that a reality!

Why ClearBlox?

Maximum Uptime
We have cloud servers in multiple data centers to provide 100% reliability. So even if there's a power outage in one location, we don't miss blocks.
Every Delegator is First-Class
In true Cardano fashion we treat everyone with equal importance. Regardless of wallet size, you receive one on one service.
Great Rewards and LOW FEES!!!
Staking ₳da will make you question why your bank is only paying you ~0.05% interest. ClearBlox delegates will enjoy ~5.5% APY in rewards.